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Migrant Crackdowns, Braving European Winters, Migrant Labour Economics, and more


Mexican Govt closes camp with over 10,000 migrants transiting to US

The Mexican government has closed a migrant camp in the town of San Pedro Tapanatepec that housed nearly 15,000 migrants, mostly from Venezuela and Nicaragua, who were awaiting documents from Mexican authorities permitting their travel to the US border. The migrants’ fate is unclear at present.

27 migrants found dead of thirst in the Chadean Sahara

27 migrants from central Chad, including 4 children were found dead, likely from thirst, after their truck broke down deep in the Chadean Sahara desert, bringing the total migrant deaths in this region in 2022 to 149, according to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

Hundreds leave north German tent camps to escape winter freeze

Authorities in northern Germany’s Bremen have temporarily relocated over 700 migrants lodged in tent camps to a public exhibition hall, as freezing winter temperatures have caused water pipes and heaters to break down.

Middle-Eastern migrants risk Russian Kaliningrad route to enter EU

The number of migrants illegally entering Latvia, Lithuania and Poland from neighbouring Belarus by braving freezing weather and scaling steel and barbed-wire fences has increased sharply in the last year. These Middle-Easterners enter Belarus using Russian visas obtained ostensibly for travel to the Kaliningrad enclave.

Pakistan arrests over 1,000 Afghan refugees, sparks crackdown fears

Arrests in southern Pakistan’s Sindh province of over 1,000 Afghani refugees whose visas allegedly “expired” have sparked widespread fears of a nation-wide crackdown. Pakistan currently hosts over 1.4 million officially documented Afghan migrants and likely as many undocumented migrants.

China readies for COVID spike due to holiday season migrant returns

The Chinese Cabinet has directed rural hospitals to prepare for a surge in cases during the Chinese holiday season, when millions of migrants return from cities to celebrate the Lunar New Year (January 22, 2023) with their families. Experts warn that inadequate facilities could precipitate a crisis.

Opinion and analysis

Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) and sustainable development

This Migration Policy Institute (MPI) analysis uncovers insights from real case studies to examine the potential that multilateral development banks have for ameliorating climate-driven migration and displacement by funding sustainable development projects in low- and middle-income countries.

Football as a “possible dream” for migrants to the EU

This investigative commentary on The Conversation summarizes field research showing that for many migrants to EU nations, football represents a “possible dream” of achieving a better life, fuelled by the tiny proportion of footballers from similar backgrounds whose rags-to-riches stories make media splashes.

Ancient DNA reveal two-way migration that peopled South America

Breaking research from a team including Florida Atlantic University and Emory University analysed ancient DNA evidence to reveal how early humans migrated through South America in both north-to-south and south-to-north directions, thus peopling the continent.

Pro-migration policies could generate $20 trillion economic growth

This joint report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and IOM reveals how worldwide business policy changes enabling safer, more efficient labour migration could foster economic growth totalling to roughly $20 trillion. The report highlights actionable strategies and best practices for moving in this direction.

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