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US Preps for More Migrants, UK Cracks Down, Shaky Shengen Future, and More


Migrants line up in Rio Grande as Title 42 set to expire in the US

8A group of around 1,000 migrants from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua are preparing to cross into the U.S. over the next week, as Title 42 is set to expire and a surge of migrants is expected at the southern border. Migrants have gathered on the banks of the Rio Grande in Juarez, Mexico.

British PM announces steps to crack down on Channel migrants

Rishi Sunak is taking steps to combat undocumented migration via the Channel by introducing measures such as fast-tracking the return of migrants and utilizing police forces to verify criminal backgrounds.

Shengen expansion faces uncertain future in Europe

The Schengen Zone, a free-travel area that currently encompasses 26 countries in Europe, faces uncertain expansion plans, as Austria threatens to veto the entry of Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria, over fears that it could lead to an increased influx of undocumented migrants and other illegal activities like human and drug trafficking.

Support programs pledge 1.2 billion Euros for Turkey refugees

The European Commission has committed €220 million to bolster border control at Turkey's Eastern frontier, bringing the total EU aid allocated in the year 2022 to 1.23 billion Euros. This funding is part of the EU's pledged assistance to refugees in Turkey.

Tunisia launches program to reduce irregular migration

The Tunisian government announced a program to help economically disadvantaged families avoid resorting to irregular migration. This program encompasses a range of initiatives, such as economic and social integration, which will be undertaken in partnership with various stakeholders to combat illegal immigration.

New Zeland's net migration stays negative, shows latest data

Recent statistics indicate that New Zealand's net migration continues firmly in the negative, though the declining rate has reduced over the past year. The trend is driven by Kiwis leaving the country faster than non-New Zealanders arrive.

Opinion and analysis

A look at the 2022 FIFA world cup through migration data

The team at Vox examines how migration is shaping the actual sport of football at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

How Europe can manage migration better in 2023

As debates about migration become increasingly polarised, with divides between views becoming ever more entrenched, The New Humanitarian distils the five most important takeaways from the Mixed Migration Centre’s annual report on how to manage migration more constructively.

How migration from Venezeula is likely to contribute to economies in host countries

The latest study by the IMF finds that migration from Venezuela will have a net positive effect on destination countries.

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