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Migrants in the Mediterranean, search trends, and more


The Mediterranean: 150K+ migrants in 2022

Mediterranean countries believe they will receive more than 150,000 migrants by the end of this year, according to key officials and data from southern Europe, including Italy, Spain, Greece, and Cyprus.

The risky world of “Migrant TikTok”

Search interest for “haraga”, a colloquial term in North Africa that refers to the Mediterranean crossing

Betsy Joles reports how videos on social media platform TikTok offer personal, compelling glimpses of the distressing journeys that migrants undertake, and also offer hope for a brighter, better future.

Opinion and Analysis

The coming migration crisis

"The beginning of globalisation unleashed flows of people (with remittances following in their wake) around the world, mostly to developed countries and their large cities. COVID, and a political-economic backlash have halted these flows, and the invasion of Ukraine has introduced an entirely new variable into the equation."

Mike O'Sullivan takes a close look at key migration indicators in the wake of Covid and ongoing climate change.

Letting migrants tell their own stories

For far too long the west has been talking on behalf of Africa. A new slew of documentary films by African filmmakers is set to shift perspectives about migration.

Migration doesn’t have to be a crisis

The movement of people throughout the Americas is not going to stop. The United States must therefore look beyond its border and embrace a new, hemisphere-wide approach to migration, combined with steps to modernise U.S. laws, policies, and border infrastructure.

Dan Restrepo of Foreign Affairs discusses practicable solutions to avoid social, economic, and political chaos in the coming decade.


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