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Deportations, IDP camps, migration effects on elections, and more

Migration News From Around the World

Bosnia: Migrants deported to Pakistan in a first

Bosnia and Herzegovina became the first country along the western Balkan migration route to deport migrants without residence permits, after deporting an unspecified number of Pakistani migrants to their home country.

Turkey: Anti-refugee sentiment leads to rising tensions and policy shifts

In the midst of one of the worst economic downturns the country has faced in its history, Turkey is now increasingly seeing reports of violence, abuse and crime between Syrian and Turkish communities across the country. Turkey is hosting 3.7 million Syrian refugees, according to data from the Turkish government.

Jordan: 12,000 refugee families affected by funding shortage

News reports based on recently published UN documents reveal that funding shortages plague the world’s largest Syrian refugee camp. As estimated 12,000 families struggle in challenging conditions, in a place where more than 80% of refugees live below the poverty line.

Cameroon: Refugees and locals join forces in massive reforestation effort

In the face of violence and conflict sparked by insurgency, Nigerian refugees and Cameroonian villagers inspire hope for positive change by driving a reforestation campaign around the Minawao refugee camp in Cameroon. According to local NGOs, more than 400,000 trees have been planted so far.

Opinion and Analysis

Migration may determine Italy election outcome: analysts

Image: Dante Di Matteo,Ilaria Mariotti

According to official data, over 39,000 asylum seekers have arrived in Italy this year, a figure that’s nearly 35% higher compared to the same period from the previous year. Italy’s far-right political parties are gaining traction with anti-migration rhetoric, and analysts believe migration might be the issue that decides the outcome of Italy’s upcoming elections.

Asylum seekers’ lives on hold indefinitely in the UK: report

More than 26,000 asylum seekers are stuck in legal limbo space, while temporarily lodged at hotels across the UK for more than a year now. The Electronic Immigration Network delves into the details of a report published by the Refugee Council.

Climate migration on the rise, needs official recognition: experts

“Tens of millions of people are being uprooted by natural disasters due to the impact of climate change, though the world has yet to fully recognize climate migrants or come up with a formalized mechanism to assess their needs and help them”, observes a recent analysis based on this year’s IPCC report.

Life in Nigeria’s IDP camps

A rear, in-depth look at the living conditions of thousands of displaced people in Nigeria’s IDP camps, where migrants deal with violent crime,including killings and kidnappings

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