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Egypt refugee influx, how ideology shapes migration, refugee healthcare, and more


Poland: More African migrants via Russia than Middle East, say officials

Migration officials in Poland report that they are now observing a significant change in the patterns of migrants entering the country at its border with Belarus. African migrants who travelled to Russia reportedly constitute the majority of people seeking to enter Poland. Previously, African migrants came mostly from Middle Eastern routes.

Italy: Election candidate Salvini pledges to move migrant centres to Africa

Matteo Salvini, a candidate campaigning for Italy’s upcoming elections, vowed to relocate to northern Africa, centres that screen people seeking political asylum.He has been quoted as saying, ”We cannot throw open the doors of Italy to thousands of clandestine migrants who are not fleeing war.″

Bulgaria: Dramatic increase in irregular migrants from Turkey

Officials from Bulgaria’s Ministry of Internal affairs stated that they have recorded a six-fold increase in the number of illegal migrants attempting to enter the country via Turkey. According to their data, there have been 60,000 recorded attempts to cross into Bulgaria from Turkey so far in 2022.

Morocco: Court hands 8-month jail sentence to people attempting to migrate

14 migrants in Morocco were sentenced to eight month prison terms for attempting to cross the border fence separating Morocco from the Spanish enclave of Melilla. This intensifies the trend of punishing people attempting irregular migration, with an earlier case having handed out 11-month prison sentences for attempted crossings into Melilla.

Egypt: Over 9 million international migrants in the country, say IOM

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) released a report indicating that prolonged instability in Egypt's neighbouring countries has led to more than 9 million international migrants seeking refuge in Egypt. IOM data also states that the country hosts refugees from 133 countries.


Opinion and Analysis

How political leanings shapes internal migration in the US

A study by Axxios indicates that ideology might be shaping migration preferences in significant ways across the US.

One year later: the Taliban in Afghanistan

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Matthieu Aikins takes a look at the state of Taliban-governed Afghanistan, and how their policy moves are jeopardising vital global aid that is currently a lifeline to millions of Afghans.

Rethinking the drivers of irregular migration across the MENA region

An important new study examines data from the Arab Barometer to suggest that traditional notions of unemployment and poverty as drivers of irregular migration may not be as straightforward as previously thought. Additional factors such as youth, university education, stress levels, negative perceptions of economic and political circumstances, trust in social media, and low religiosity emerge as important factors.

The importance of better healthcare for asylum seekers

Asylum seekers often find themselves in legal limbo and circumstances that severely limit their access to healthcare. A new study examines the importance of better healthcare access, and proposes a model through which this can be delivered.

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