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EU Emergency Talks, DRC Conflict, Secret Migrant Camps, and more


Secret camp with hundreds of migrants discovered in southern Mexico

Shortly after the implementation of new rules by U.S. and Mexican authorities aimed at curbing irregular migration into the United States, a hidden camp housing hundreds of migrants was discovered in southern Mexico. Last week, a U.S. judge ruled that Title 42, a pandemic era provision used to send immigrants back to Mexico, is illegal.

Top EU officials to discuss migration issues in emergency session next week

Czech officials indicated that migration is going to be a priority discussion topic at the upcoming emergency session for EU home affairs ministers. In a tweet, the Czech EU Presidency said, "Ministers will confront the current crisis in all migratory routes."

Lower immigration leads to higher taxes and less spending: UK Treasury

The UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, said that the government's goal of reducing net immigration may lead to even higher taxes and deeper spending cuts. Acknowledging that immigration spurs economic development, Hunt said that higher-than-expected migration will be needed to ensure that the UK does not go beyond the £55 billion in tax increases and spending cuts currently planned.

UNHCR calls for ban on forced returns of refugees to DRC

The UNHCR updated its return advice for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), requesting countries to take in refugees from the DRC, in line with the provisions of international conventions on refugees. The intergovernmental agency also reiterated its call for a ban on forced returns of refugees to the DRC, citing recent violence and killings of civilians in parts of the country.

Iraq in talks with US over initiatives to return of displaced people

Iraqi government officials said that the they are in talks with US authorities on plans to help displaced Iraqis return to their towns and villages. Violent conflict in Iraq displaced over five million people across the country, many of whom have now spent years in camps for displaced people.

Critical need of funding to rehabilitate Burundi refugees and returnees

The UNHCR High Commissioner for Refugees, Kelly T. Clements, said that projects to rehabilitate thousands of refugees and returnees in Burundi are in dire need of funding. Only a third of the $80.5 million required to support UNHCR activities in Burundi has been raised this year. Around 90,000 refugees and more than 200,000 returnees are currently in Burundi.

Opinion and analysis

Examining the link between climate change and migration

The ongoing debate about the effects of climate change on migration has two broad factions: one that believes these effects are going to be severe, while the other argues that such claims are greatly exaggerated. This analysis provides a data-driven look at the debate.

Migration and humanitarian report on the Pacific region

Red Cross New Zealand's annual report provides an overview of the most significant humanitarian and migration related events in the Pacific region over the last year.

Teen Rohingya refugees lead effort to regreen world's largest refugee camp

This positive and inspiring report from Bangladesh covers how a group of young Rohingya refugees are driving a campaign to turn the world's largest and most densely populated refugee camp more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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