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Floods, refugee employment, migrant journeys, and more


Mexico: 60,000 migrants stranded at Mexico border

Aid organisations appealed to the Mexican government to come to take prompt action to provide humanitarian relief to the thousands of migrants stuck at Mexico's border with Gautemala. The migrants, who are mainly from Honduras, El Salvador, and parts of Guatemala, number over 60,000. Many have been waiting for permits and papers for months, without shelter, housing, or access to adequate food or health supplies.

Poland: Over 400,000 Ukrainian refugees now legally employed

Poland's Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs says that nearly 1.3 million Ukrainian refugees now legally reside in Poland, and that out of a total of 600,000 Ukrainians of working age, 66% have obtained employment in the country.

Chad: Flooding displaces an estimated 600,000 people

Severe flooding has disrupted 16 out of the 23 provinces of the Republic of Chad, displacing more than 600,000 people across the country. Affected regions include the nation's capital, N’Djamena. Although flooding is a yearly occurrence in Chad, relief workers and authorities describe the magnitude of the current situation as being unprecedented.

Pakistan: More than a million now homeless due to floods in Pakistan

Nearly a third of Pakistan has been affected by catastrophic floods fueled by heavy rainfall and melting glaciers, for nearly two months now. Continued heavy rains in last week have pushed the death tool beyond 1500 people, with over a million having lost their homes in the past few weeks.

Afghanistan: US sets up $3.5 billion fund with frozen Afghan assets

The United States' Department of the Treasury released a statement confirming that the US has set up a $3.5 billion fund to be used for the benefit of the people of Afghanistan. The funds are sourced from the formerly frozen assets of Afghanistan's central bank, and are to be used to help the Afghan economy. Referring to the funds, the statement also said that the US is committed to "keeping them out of the hands of the Taliban and other malign actors."

Opinion and Analysis

In numbers: the refugee situation in South Sudan

The UNHCR's data portal offers an in-depth look at the growing refugee population in South Sudan. More than 2 million people are now refugees in the region, the majority of whom have fled their homes in Uganda, Sudan, and Ethiopia, owing to a variety of factors, including violence, conflict, political unrest, economic hardship, and hunger crises.

MIT's Civic Data Lab visualises migration stories

Inspired by their 2021 report, which highlighted economic distress as the key factor driving migrants to in the US, a team from MIT's Civic Data Design Lab (CDDL) has put together a series of digital and physical visualisations, to help understand migrant journies. The exhibition can be explored on the CDDL's website.

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