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Increasing irregular migration, data-driven humanitarianism, refugee health, and more


Panama: Officials say increase in irregular migration is likely

Panamanian news sources state that over 158,000 irregular migrants entered the country this year, potentially generating US$35 million for the criminal groups that charge to smuggle them across borders, and that the numbers are likely to grow in coming months.

UK: Government changes stance on Albanian asylum seekers

The UK's Home Office confirmed that a recently announced scheme to expedite asylum applications in order to return Albanians to their country sooner, will not be put into effect for Albanian asylum-seekers.

Europe: EU Commissioner demands clamp-down on visas issued to Russians

The EU's Migration Commissioner, Ylva Johansson, called for all 27 EU nations to clamp down on visas being issued to Russians, citing security concerns and an increased threat towards the EU.

Libya: UN Security Council votes to continue ship inspections

The United Nations Security Council elected through a unanimous vote to continue inspecting ships off the coast of Libya, to check for against human trafficking. In a statement, the UN described the sea route from Libya to Europe as being one of the deadliest in the world.

Sudan: Poverty, food insecurity drives migrants to Egypt

An economy that shows no signs of improvement, as well as rising food insecurity, is driving increasing numbers of migrants to head north to Egypt in search of better prospects for survival. Sudan's currency has depreciated by more than 950% over the last four years, while official estimates of inflation stand at 117%, making it one of the highest inflation rates in the world.

Opinion and Analysis

How the US should prepare for rising migration from South America

A Niskanen Center report argues that there is enough evidence to show that the US is likely to see a dramatic increase of migrants from South American countries, and that unique circumstances in each origin country will necessitate unique management approaches.

The role of data-driven humanitarianism in helping displaced people

A study by the University of Warwick examines the practical and ethical implications of data-driven humanitarianism for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

Ensuring health for migrants and refugees

Eugen Ghita, Garry Aslanyan and Reem Mussa discuss how ensure better health outcomes for migrants and refugees, and why that's important for folks everywhere.

Climate migration and how it will affect cities

This article on the American Council on Health and Science (ACHS) website discusses what climate changes will mean for ecosystems and human settlements, and how we must approach managing and (re)building our cities.

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