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Melilla effects, Iraq returnees, Chinese asylum seekers and more

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Disclaimer: The information, opinions, and analyses linked from within the content reflect the research and views of the original authors and do not necessarily represent the position of AID International; links are not endorsements.

Migration News From Around the World

Europe: EU renews migration deal with Morocco after Melilla deaths

Image: schengenvisainfo

Just days after nearly two dozen people died at the border between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Melilla, the EU declared that it will strengthen its efforts jointly with Morocco to combat irregular migration into Spain, with a special target on human smugglers who are condemned as using new and “extremely violent” methods.

Europe: Turkey detained over 33K migrants in a single month

Turkey's Deputy Interior Minister disclosed at a press conference at Ankara that the country detained a total of 33,465 undocumented migrants and 612 human smugglers at various national borders in June. Well over 4,000 of these migrants were reportedly caught at sea.

Middle East: Over half a million displaced families returned to Iraq

Well over five years after the military defeat of ISIS, the government and international organisations in Iraq continue to struggle with the fallout of hundreds of thousands of displaced families. A spokesperson for Iraq’s Ministry of Migration and Displacement, stated that 900,000 households have displaced across Iraq, and roughly 600,000 of them have returned home so far.

Africa: 27 million face food crisis in DRC, says UN

According to the latest update from the United Nations, around 27 million people are facing food insecurity in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The UN predicts the situation is likely to worsen, due to recent fighting between the M23 rebel group and the army in the East of the country, in a conflict that has already displaced tens of thousands.

Chinese Citizens Under Xi Jinping's Regime Seeking Asylum Abroad: Report

According to the latest data reported by Safeguard Defenders, the number of people in China who are seeking asylum abroad has increased dramatically after President Xi Jinping's rise to power. The NGO cites the country's authoritarian governance and poor human rights record as causes for the alarming spike in asylum seekers.

Opinion and Analysis

Missing migrants: the tragic loss of lives in the Mediterranean

Visual Capitalist breaks down the numbers of migrants who have perished in their desperate quest for safety or a better life.

Trouble in Karakalpakstan: unrest in Central Asia

Unrest in the sparsely populated autonomous republic within Uzbekistan comes only a short while after massive protests earlier in the year and more recently in neighbouring Tajikistan. The region has seen much tumult in recent times, ranging from the economic impact of the pandemic, to the effects of the war in Ukraine.

Managing community conflict in the Sahel

Violence has made a devastating return to Sahel, with entire villages across Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger being massacred. A new report by the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue shares insights on the conflict dynamics in the region and offers powerful resolution tools that have proven effective in reducing violence and improving stability. The Centre's mediators have helped reduce tensions in an environment rife with conflict between soldiers and insurgents.


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