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The cost of anti-immigrationism, effects of Covid, and more

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Disclaimer: The information, opinions, and analyses linked from within the content reflect the research and views of the original authors and do not necessarily represent the position of AID International; links are not endorsements.

Migration News From Around the World

United States: Asylum seekers kidnapped in Mexico

In the first known case of kidnapping under the US’s new Migrant Protection Protocol, three asylum seekers were abducted from the custody of Nuevo Laredo city officials. Kidnappers regard asylum-seekers and migrants as more likely to have family in the United States, making them prime targets for kidnapping, as they are considered capable of paying ransoms.

Europe: EU countries adopt solidarity resolution on migrants

18 EU member states adopted a “temporary mechanism of solidarity” to improve migration management amongst the states. This policy includes measures to allocate asylum seekers to a member state after the asylum seekers are registered in their country of entry. Countries that do not accept the mechanism will contribute either financially or by providing personnel to manage borders.

Africa: Over 400K migrants in Nigeria in 2022, estimates IOM report

The latest flow monitoring report from the IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix indicates that well over 400,000 people are likely to migrate in and out of Nigeria this year, based on data from just two monitoring stations. 86% of the people at these stations cited economic reasons for migrating.

Opinion and Analysis

Anti-immigration policies cost the US an estimated $9 billion per year

Michael Clemens, an economist at the Centre for Global Development, examines the relationship between migration and economic growth, based on an in-depth review of published research literature.

Asia: How the pandemic affected migrants in India

The Wire reports on new research which indicates that a staggering seven million people, most of them economic migrants, lost jobs during India’s lockdown, which was one of the strictest in the world. Women seem to have taken the biggest hit of the job loss, with an estimated 4 million women having dropped out of the labour force.

Certainty helps migrants integrate and contribute to local economy

Jo Adetunji, editor of The Conversation, weighs in on how allowing longer term stays for refugees and asylum seekers can actually benefit the host communities sooner and boost the local economy.


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