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Waning harvests, Pakistan’s unfolding tragedy, EU’s tightening borders, and more


Cubans face food insecurity as agri yields and fish stocks dwindle

Cuba’s farmers and fishermen are coping with yields reduced by 70% to 80% as climate change wreaks havoc with crop harvests and fish stocks, driving a 471% increase in Cuban immigrant arrivals in the US, as per US CBP statistics.

US CBP chief forced to quit as illegal border crossing soars

The US Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Chris Magnus, has resigned under pressure from the Homeland Secretary, after a year-long tenure marred by open hostility from his department and rising tensions over the recent tide of illegal immigration.

Britain, France chalking out deal for curbing illegal immigration

The British PM and French President are likely to sign a pact to stem illegal English Channel crossings, by setting up a joint monitoring centre manned by officials from both countries. Negotiations are underway at the COP27 meet at Sharm-el-Shaikh in Egypt.

Ethiopian army inks peace agreement with Tigray separatist forces

The Ethiopian military and northern Tigray separatist forces have signed a truce whose terms allow for unimpeded humanitarian support for the over five million people affected by years of internal conflict.

Disease stalks Pakistan’s flood victims, humanitarian crisis looms

Over 8 million Pakistanis displaced by the decade’s worst flooding now face epidemics of malaria, cholera and diarrhea in addition to food insecurity and harsh winter conditions. Worsening their plight are a lack of medical facilities and government apathy.

4.6 million Filipinos affected by climate crisis lack adequate aid

A series of 16 typhoons and tropical storms in 2022 have displaced over 1 million Filipinos and deprived another 3.6 million of their livelihoods. Lacking government aid and long-term policy support, these poor agricultural communities face crippling debt and starvation.

Opinion and analysis

More millionaires migrating than ever… but where are they going?

In this analysis from the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), the growing trend in millionaire migrations is examined, side by side with the changing patterns in their preferred destinations. The US, UK and Canada are giving way to the UAE, Brazil and Singapore as the ports of choice for wealthy immigrants.

By 2050, Africa to have over 113 million displaced by climate changes

This overview of the ‘African Shifts’ report by the Africa Climate Mobility Initiative looks at the urgent need for migration policy implementation to insure the future of millions of Africans forced to migrate because of drastic climate changes across the continent.

H2-B visa holders don’t take away jobs from US workers: Research

This synthesis piece written for Forbes magazine reviews research on the impact of H2-B visas on jobs for US workers. Numerous studies contradict the idea that US workers lose jobs to immigrant H2-B visa holders; Instead, H2-B visas facilitate business growth and secure more comfortable lifestyles for US citizens.

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