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Frontex Deals, Nigeria IDPs, Private Sector in Migration, and more


Poland reports rise in irregular migrants from the Middle East

Officials of the Polish border agency report an increase in the number of migrants from the Middle East attempting to enter the country at its border with Belarus. Border patrol officials say they apprehended 117 migrants from Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, Cameroon, Morocco, and Sri Lanka in just a day, while 65 more were detained the previous day.

Albania not to be blamed for Britain's failed immigration policy: Edi Rama

Responding to remarks made by British politicians over an increase in Albanian asylum applicants, Albania's prime minister accused Britain of making Albanian nationals scapegoats for Britain's failed immigration policies. Britain recently signed an agreement with Albania to remove all Albanian nations who do not have the right to remain in Britain, and is looking for ways to expedite this process.

EU signs Frontex deal with North Macedonia

The EU signed a deal with North Macedonia as part of its efforts to curb irregular migration. The deal now officially confirms North Macedonia's cooperation with Frontex, the EU's border enforcement agency that is currently mired in scandals related to accusations of human rights violations of migrants.

Number of IDPs have doubled due to floods, says Nigeria

Nigerian government officials say that the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) has nearly doubled nationwide, owing to floods that have inundated vast regions of the country. An estimated 3.2 million IDPs were in Nigeria in October, while more recent estimates peg that number as high as 5 million.

More than half a million children now displaced across Myanmar

NGO, "Save the Children", reports that well over 1.1 million people have been forced to escape their homes in Myanmar since the start of the political crisis and the escalation of violence in February 2021. This includes 520,000 children. The group says that 257,000 of the total 407,000 children who have been moved since then have done so in the last nine months.

Opinion and analysis

Mapping migration due to the Venezuelan crisis

According to recent UN estimates, more than seven million Venezuelans have left their country since 2015 due to an ongoing economic and political catastrophe. According to the UN, more than half of them have trouble getting access to food, shelter, and steady jobs. Despite the challenges they face overseas, the flood of Venezuelans fleeing unrest in their home country has not stopped.

Permanent migration to OECD countries

The latest figures from the interactive tool on the Migration Data Portal shed light on migration patterns for member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Exploring the potential of the private sector in migration management

A novel study by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) explores the potential of the private sector in Serbia to contribute to migration management.

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