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Indonesia Quake, Russian Emmigration, Qatar World Cup Labour, and More


More than 16,000 migrants in four days, claims Mexican migration institute

Mexico's National Institute of Migration (INM) reported that more than 16,000 migrants were detained in the country over the course of four days. Most of the migrants came from Central and South America. The organisation cited increases in cold weather and trafficking activity as factors for the uptick in migrants crossing into Mexico.

Net migration hits record high, says UK's statistics body

Net migration to the UK reached an all-time high of more than 500,000 migrants, according to data released on the UK's Office for National Statistics. A post-pandemic uptick in foreign study, as well as immigration of refugees from the Ukraine and Afghanistan and residents of Hong Kong, are seen as the the main causes of the spike in long-term arrivals to the UK.

Russian migrants driving growth in neighbouring states: economists

The economies of many of Russia's neighbouring states are benefiting from an influx of Russian migrants and their associated wealth, according to analysts. Notably, Georgia, Armenia, and Turkey have seen a surge in growth.

Egypt and Greece sign landmark migration deal

According to officials, Egypt and Greece have signed two bilateral agreements, including one to enhance collaboration on migrant search and rescue operations across the Mediterranean Sea. In the meantime, the EU is pleading with its members to put aside their differences on immigration.

Landslides, weather hinder efforts for Indonesia earthquake victims

Landslides and heavy rain hampered rescue and relief efforts for the thousands of people displaced by last week's 5.6-magnitude earthquake in Indonesia. At least 272 people were killed and many were left living in tents with little medical assistance or supplies after the earthquake in the town of Cianjur, about 75 kilometres south of Jakarta.

First batch of detained refugees arrive at New Zealand, nine years after deal

The first six refugees from Australia's offshore processing programme arrived for resettlement in New Zealand. The trip comes nine years after New Zealand originally agreed to annually accept 150 refugees from Australia's offshore centres. The six men include four Rohingya men from Myanmar, one from Sudan, and one from Cameroon.

Opinion and analysis

The migrant labour system behind the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Vox takes a look at the realities of Qatar's migrant labour that built the infrastructure for the 2022 football world cup.

How the invasion of Ukraine has affected migration from the global south

The Peace Research Institute Oslo investigates the actual data to separate fact from fiction related to the effects of the Ukraine conflict on migration from the global south.

Recruitment costs in the new landscape of labour migration

The Migration Policy Institute examines how migrant workers' costs have evolved  (especially in the aftermath of the pandemic) and what these changes entail for initiatives to support ethical and fair hiring.

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