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Migrant relief fund, energy costs, South America trends, and more


East Africa: Norwegian Refugee Council signs agreement towards migration fund for Africa

The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), an African trade bloc comprising Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, and Uganda, signed an agreement with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), for the implementation the Regional Migration Fund (RMF) project. The RMF project aims to provide adequate services to migrants, refugees and host communities, with a focus on economic development, employment growth, and social cohesion.

Europe: High energy costs fueling migration across the EU

Soaring energy prices across Europe are thought to be contributing to increasing immigration into Mediterranean towns across Europe. Warmer temperatures in Europe's southern coastal towns enable a lower cost of living relative to colder European cities, contributing to the immigration of an estimated half a million people into this region over the last few years.

Canada: Migrants call for regularisation of status

Thousands of people participated in rallies across Canadian cities, calling for lawmakers to grant permanent status to undocumented migrants in Canada. Director of the Migrant Workers Alliance for Change (MWAC), Syed Hussan, said that regulators should take the opporunity to listen to the calls for access to basic rights for undocumented people in the country.

Australia: Migrant workers need greater protection says rights group

In an effort to address the ongoing skills and labour shortage across the country, the Australian government announced an increase in the number of migration visas for the year, raising the limit from 160,000 to 195,000. However, NGOs such as the Migrant Workers Centre (MWC) say that temporary visa holders are vulnerable to abuse, with surveys indicating that two out of three such migrant workers experience difficulties at the workplace, including exploitation, abuse, and sexual assault.

Opinion and Analysis

International migration trends in South America

A new book by the International Migration Research Network (IMISCOE) based in Europe delives into the patterns of international migration across South America, with a focus on transit, circular, survival, and mixed migration.

Climate migration: current reality, not just future nightmare

Oxfam's latest study on the subject of global hunger uncovers the reality that climate migration is already here. The world's top 10 worst-hit regions with hunger crises exacerbated by climate change, also happen to be among the world's lowest carbon emitters, accounting for just 0.1% of global emissions, in contrast with the 76% of G20 countries.

Remote work and the future of immigration

With the acceleration of remote work in a post pandemic world, a report by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) explores how remote work might affect the future of immigration policies at a global level.

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